Prevent-A-Theft EtchWith the Prevent-A-Theft™ Vehicle Theft Deterrent System,
the glass windows of your vehicle are permanently etched with a traceable pre-selected unique code or the actual Vehicle Identification Number (in states where required) , plus our Nationwide toll free “800” phone number. Prominent, highly visible warning decals signal to thieves your vehicle is permanently identified and protected against theft.
The only way the Prevent-A-Theft™ etched code or VIN and the “800” phone number can be removed is by replacing all the glass in your vehicle. At the high cost of glass replacement, stealing your Prevent-A-Theft™ protected vehicle would be impractical and even unprofitable to a thief. A thief would rather steal a vehicle that is not protected with the Prevent-A-Theft™ etch system because traceable vehicles can be identified, plus they are difficult to resell.
Registration of your unique Prevent-A-Theft™ code and/or the VIN in our National Registry provides a positive ID connection, or “fingerprint,” that forever matches your Prevent-A-Theft™ coded glass with the vehicle description, selling dealer and purchaser profiles. This information can be used by Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurance companies, and consumers to properly identity rightful owners, and to discourage thieves from stealing your vehicle. Registration also includes enrollment in Prevent-A-Theft™ USA’s Gold Club which provides you with Theft Deterrent Warranty Benefits up to $5000, (see Prevent-A-Theft™ registration form for details) and may qualify the owner for discounts with his/her Comprehensive Insurance carrier.
“Vehicle theft is a problem of major proportion in the United States with thefts totaling over one million vehicles annually”

Don’t become a statistic! Protect your vehicle with the
Prevent-A-Theft™ Etching System today.

Prevent-A-Theft™ USA Theft Deterrent Benefits are fully insured.