passignPrevent-A-Start™ is a passive vehicle security system that utilizes the latest in intelligent relay technology and is invisible to a would-be thief.Once the protected vehicle’s ignition is turned off, it can not be restarted without your personal Prevent-A-Start™ remote control.
The most technologically advanced micro-electronics utilizes billions of codes to prevent scanning or code grabbing.

Wireless System

➤➤ Valet Mode*

➤➤ Automatic Passive Arming

➤➤ Remote Control Disarm

➤➤ Cannot be Scanned or Code Grabbed

➤➤ FCC Approved Transmitters

➤➤ Learns up to 4 Remotes

➤➤ Emergency Override Feature

➤➤ Compatible with Factory Remote Starts

➤➤ Optional Garage Opener Interface Available*

*Valet Mode and Garage Opener Interface only available on two button transmitters