Magic Start™ is a passive theft deterrent system that can foil car-jackers and prevent would-be thieves from stealing the protected vehicle. An encapsulated computer coded microchip sealed in a custom key Fob transmits a unique I.D. code to the hidden micro-processor, which activates or deactivates the starter system. An audible beeping sequence informs the operator of the system’s status: armed, deactivated and Valet Mode

All components of the Magic Start™ System are hidden in a location known only to the owner, invisible to a would-be thief. The vehicle will not start unless the key Fob is presented at the “Hot Spot” before turning the ignition key. Once the vehicle is turned off, it cannot be restarted without re-presenting the Magic Fob at the secret location.

Compatible with any Factory or After-Market Security System, Magic Start™ is a passive immobilizing anti-theft system. This type of starter interrupt system is highly recommended by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute.

Master Dealer Mode

➤➤ Valet Mode*
➤➤ Automatic Passive Arming
➤➤ Cannot be Scanned or Code Grabbed
➤➤ Learns up to 8 Key Fobs
➤➤ Emergency Ignition Override
➤➤ Compatible with Factory Remote Starts
➤➤ Optional LED Light Available
➤➤ Optional Factory Horn Warning Available