RoadSentry covers the tires and wheels on new and used vehicle against road hazards. A road hazard is a condition on a public highway which should not exist, such as pot- holes, metal objects, glass, nails, screws, etc. which may damage, puncture or render a tire or wheel unserviceable.

RoadSentry is available for 5 or 7 year terms.

Coverage begins on the date of purchase and continues until either the selected term expires or until 3/32” tread depth remains, whichever comes first.

➤➤ If a tire can be repaired, RoadSentry will pay or reimburse for the repair.

➤➤ If a tire cannot be repaired, RoadSentry will pay or reimburse for its replacement.

➤➤ RoadSentry will pay or reimburse for repair or replacement of a rim or wheel
damaged due to the failure of a tire covered under this contract.

➤➤ RoadSentry will pay or reimburse for mounting and balancing of replacement tires
and wheels.

➤➤ RoadSentry will dispatch a roadside service vehicle to help change a flat tire with
your inflated spare; or RoadSentry will pay up to $50 for road service related to a
covered claim.

➤➤ RoadSentry will pay or reimburse all sales taxes and excise taxes associated with
covered repairs or replacements.

➤➤ If the disablement occurs more than 250 miles from your residence, RoadSentry
will pay or reimburse for emergency living expenses for up to 3 days. Maximum
coverage is $50 per day while vehicle is being repaired.

Towing and Roadside Assistance (866)312-4696
(see contract for Producer Code Number and Plan Letter)

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