Prevent-A-Theft EtchWith the Prevent-A-Theft™ Vehicle Theft Deterrent System, the glass windows of your vehicle are permanently etched with a traceable pre-selected unique code or the actual Vehicle Identification Number (in states where required) , plus our Nationwide toll free “800” phone number. Prominent, highly visible warning decals signal to thieves your vehicle is permanently identified and protected against theft…(continue)

shadowid_labelEasy-to-apply peel and stick on id coded labels-difficult to remove. Labels are placed on designated vehicle body parts. If the labels are removed, an invisible code remains on the body parts that police can read with ultra-violet light. The code is virtually undetectable if the labels are removed. The unique code is registered in our national registry and tracking service that provides a positive id of the vehicle’s VIN, description, selling dealer and purchaser profiles. Window warning labels warns potential thieves that the vehicle is permanently identified and traceable…(continue)