About us.

Prevent-A-Theft is one of the oldest, the most respected, and the most recognizable name in auto, RV and motorcycle theft deterrence. The Prevent-A-Theft history can be traced back to 1979 when it pioneered vehicle glass etching as a deterrent to theft. Most vehicles are stolen for parts. Vehicle glass is very profitable to thieves, and it is also very expensive and time consuming to remove. Permanently etching the V.I.N. or a unique identifying code into the glass makes those glass parts worthless to thieves.

Over time we have added other products in keeping with our commitment to provide our auto, RV and motorcycle dealers and their customers with the highest quality, the most comprehensive guarantees and superlative service with respect to theft deterrence and vehicle protection.

In 1994 we developed our exclusive Magic Start electronic theft deterrent system using state-of-the-art transponder technology. In 1995 Prevent-A-Theft USA was formed. We have since added our RV Security System, Shadow I.D. metal marking, Road Sentry Plus which adds windshield and dent protection, and the Maxxgard product line which includes Paint, Fabric, and Leather/Vinyl Protection, Rip Tear Burn Protection, and Door Edge Protection and more.

In late 2003 we moved into a new, much larger headquarters facility in Chatsworth , California , updated our warehousing and materials handling capabilities and added staff. In 2004 we became the North American exclusive distributor for the Prevent-A-Start and MPS/DYNAMCO wireless relay security system. In early 2007 we moved our headquarters yet again, into a new and even larger facility in Henderson , Nevada . In addition to adding new staff, we retained and relocated most all of our California staff. We now operate our headquarters facility out of Henderson Nevada.

Our mission is to provide our dealer customers and their customers with the highest quality products,the most comprehensive guarantees, superlative service and the benefit of our managements 100+ years of experience.

Your success is our success.